consist3ntly inconsistEnt


“mo nótaí“ is – if you choose to believe Google Translate – Irish for my notes and that’s exactly what this site is for: a notepad for all the stuff that needs to go somewhere. All those loose thoughts, unfinished projects, opinions, drafts, sketches, ideas.

Cooking, coding, music making, self hosting, thinking, ranting, picture taking – there are so many things I need to write about to get it out of my head, but ever since I (re)started blogging under, I felt like I needed a second platform for everything that is not yet ready to be officially announced by the Politburo of the Central Committee.

The result is that I don’t write as often as I would like to just because I feel like it’s not ready or maybe not relevant enough to be posted on my “official site“.

So think of this as my Tumblr vs. my Medium Blog, only that both sites are self hosted because my thoughts are my own and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

About Me

I’m Alexander Thomas, a guy from Berlin, who likes fiddling around with code and empowering others...

If you're interested in what I'm up to these days, head over to my now page which I try to keep up to date as good as I can.